Sweep Away Cleaning - Steroetyped By The Cleaning Lady

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I purchased a Living Social deal from Sweep Away Cleaning of Raleigh.When I noticed the cleaning lady (Vanessa) had not shown up for my appt.

an hour after the scheduled time, I called the service only to be told that the cleaning lady had came and had been "afraid to get out of her car because she said she felt unsafe". I suppose because I live in an apartment complex instead of some big fancy house. There's never even anyone outside, so I don't know how exactly she felt unsafe. I've lived here for five years, no one has ever bothered me or anyone else for that matter.

The manager (Steven) was not even going to call me to let me know that Vanessa wasn't keeping my appt. Very unprofessional. And to think, I had planned to give her $100 under the table to do a full cleaning and extra stuff like wash dishes and clean the oven, instead of just the three rooms that came with the voucher.

Oh well.Be careful about using this service- apparently they stereotype to get out of servicing homes that don't appear rich and fancy.

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I'm in Raleigh.Curious as to what apartment complex you live in.

If its broad daylight, can't imagine what her problem was, unless A. someone harassed her in the parking lot or B. she just wanted to get the day off. C.

She's really ignorant.Either way, you should have been informed ASAP and someone else sent out.

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